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Our Story

The founder of ASHER & ELIJAH, Larissa Zaplatinskaia, came to the UAE from Russia, 20 September 1994, right after the USSR was collapsed. She began to work for Mr.Mohammed Ahmed Al Otaiba, as a technical & legal translator. She was promoted as an administrator to his leading company – Emirates Western Petroleum Services, a subcontractor of ADCO, ADMA-OPCO and ZADCO.

Through her over a quarter of a century of UAE experience, Larissa worked for oil & gas industry, UAE Navy, construction consulting and architecture companies, consultants of NAKHEEL. She worked for Hill & Knowlton – the best PR agency in the world in 2003. Larissa worked for IBM, CMA & CGM and has experience in IT, shipping & cargo industries. She has over 7 years of experience in the financial, investment, private equity, healthcare industries, over 15 years of experience in the educational sector and more than 4 decades of experience in the sports industry.

Larissa provided business support, specializing in business setups, expansion, restructuring, reorganizing, crisis management, cost cutting, budgeting, HR, UAE & DIFC labour laws.

Larissa has a master’s degree in business management from American Military University and PhD in organization management & business technology from Capella University, state Massachusetts. She is a single mom and writer. She wrote 2 books in English and 2 in Russian. She is an active sport player, participated in 2 Dubai Marathons (2017 and 2020), and multiple half-marathons.


About Us

Setting up a company anywhere in the world can be daunting. However, here in the UAE, with the right business setup consultants at your side, it does not have to be challenging.

ASHER & ELIJAH – is dedicated to serving International, Jewish, and Israeli friends in the United Arab Emirates and around the world. In May 2020, we founded a management advisory firm and the Business Setup consultancy in Ajman Free Zone, in 2020 with the noble mission of creating business support with integrity and transparency, in a very mature business territory and anticipating all the needs of International and Israeli businessmen.

The firm is crafting hyper-personalized solutions for foreign investors, willing to establish and grow their business in the UAE with ultimate passion and empowering the local business market to grow. All that in sum, helped us to become a respected name in the Middle East. Leveraging over 26 years’ experience in the UAE Business Setup market, PhD in business technology & organization management, we have a tangible understanding of the local mentality of doing business. We can guarantee that our advice, based on our thorough experience as well as our long-standing reputation, will secure your business!

We have a dedicated team of business professionals, lawyers, paralegals, investment advisers and bankers, and offer uncompromising service with a personal touch for our clients and esteemed partners and clients. Join us for the business adventure of exploring the Arab world. You will have an unforgettable business experience. That is a guarantee.

Today, we strive to pave a bridge between our customers and our employees to generate value and opportunities that can bring unilateral benefits to all.


Setting up a company anywhere in the world can be daunting. However, here in the UAE, with the right business setup consultants at your side, it does not have to be challenging.


Our mission is to guide SMEs and assist entrepreneurs in finding business opportunities that can drive value in their business. Starting a business venture in the UAE is an attractive proposition for many foreign investors. As UAE now provides 100% foreign ownership, the business setup could secure limitless opportunities. That is where we can help your foreign investment become a successful, sustainable business in the UAE by acting as the backbone of your business venture.

Our key strengths lie in experience, professionalism, and competence that help us deliver the desired results to our clients on-time and on-budget. Get started with a service package for your individual or business needs that can help you take advantage of the dynamic business market in Dubai!


End-to-End Service

Over decades we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you setup their companies in Dubai and the UAE.

Our process is both straightforward and transparent. We will guide you through every step of the way: helping you decide whether to set up in the mainland or a free zone, advising on the right business activity and name for your company, and seeing you through all the required paperwork to get your business license and open your corporate bank account.

We will do all the heavy lifting. ASHER & ELIJAH is a one-stop-shop for company formation. We manage the process from start to finish, meaning you do not have to meet with countless government authorities to get your business up and running.

It all starts with a free consultation with one of our friendly and professional business setup consultants. The consultation is all about you and your business—you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about company formation, and we will make sure you are completely prepared before we formally start the process.

By the end of your personal consultation, we will have a deep understanding of your business and its requirements, and you will know the best path to take when setting up your business in the UAE.



We will talk you through the registration process and help you prepare the relevant documentation.


Business License

We will keep you updated on the status of your application and inform you as soon as your business license is granted.



We will help you make visa applications for both you and your dependents, ensuring you meet the entry criteria and have all the required paperwork in place.


Bank Account

We will advise you on the range of local and international banks in the UAE, help you decide which is best for your business and arrange an appointment for you directly with the bank.



We will write for you the press releases, promote your business on social networks and the UAE media.

We will select, adapt, train, evaluate personnel for your business. We will consult you in the UAE & DIFC labour laws.

We will draw up the structure of your company, estimate how many and what kind of employees will be required for your business/project and how much time (man-hours), distribute the responsibilities of employees.

We will draw up employee assessment programs to improve efficiency, skills, and qualifications of your employees.

We will draw up compensation packages, distribution of wages, retention schemes for key employees.

We will draw up internal business processes, an annual budget of expenses, internal corporate rules, operational stability, and business continuity, business management, crisis management, a backup plan.

We will help to select subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, to reduce the annual budget of expenses and increase the operational efficiency of your business.

We will consult you on adapting your business to Arab and Indian culture.

Help choose the most efficient and cost-effective location/office/premises for your business. We are expert in Arabic & Indian cultures, winner of some historical and culture awards.

We will provide you with the best investment advises with special investment offers from international investment experts.


Our Team

Amira Abdul Moati – 9 years of UAE business experience. Graduated K12 American online academy (high school). Completed number of courses in laws and psychology. Specializes on cultural diversity, psychology, legal documents, editing, business communication, client relations, sport, childcare, criminology. Fluent in English, Russian, Spanish.

Larissa Zaplatinskaia, PhD – over 26 of UAE business experience, over 36 of work experience. PhD in business technology & organization management, master’s degree in business management. Experienced in oil & gas, construction consulting, architecture, PR, UAE Navy, IT, shipping & cargo, financial, education, healthcare sectors. Specializes in business management, cost cutting & cost control, budgeting, crisis management, business expansion & restructuring, HR UAE & DIFC labor laws, cultural diversity. Fluent in English and Russian.